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 City of Abominations

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Quote :
First off some information about city of abominations. It is held every Wednesday at 8:50 pm PST(GMT -8). When it opens players have 10 minutes to enter, the fee to enter is 100k. There is a limit to how many people can enter like DT and only level 80+ are able to enter. It is not a pk instance however, and there are multiple instances(All of which have identical mobs/rooms). Those instances are Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon, and Tortoise(There might be more but these are the only ones I can remember :P). If you die in the instance you revive in the instance at a random area. If you disconnect, you're kicked out without a refund.

The mobs drop Astral Orbs, which you can trade for prizes. The problem is getting enough orbs. To get enough orbs for the top prize ring you need 400 orbs if your instance wins and 600 orbs if your instance loses. All mobs are ? mobs too so your damage is reduced, and their HP ranges from 1m to 3m. Orbs cannot be traded so if you want the ring you'll have to work together as a squad AND have only one person collecting. The downside however, you can't pick your squads since you're randomly thrown into one of the instances. If you can't trust your group then it's best to go random distribute.

The mobs are spawned at 9:00 pm PST(GMT -8). At that time you have exactly 1 hour to start gathering orbs. Once that hour ends mobs are unsummoned, even if you're in the middle of a fight with one. When a mob dies it takes approximately 60-90 seconds for it to respawn. One major issue that makes it difficult to gather orbs is that random people run around accidentally luring(Sometimes purposefully luring) mobs that ARE physical immune into your area.

Some minor notes

Some bosses debuff you
Like DT some skills don't work on mobs(Sharpened Tooth, Amplify, Extreme Poison)
Some bosses have aoe
Depending on the bosses you fight, you may drain quite a bit of charm(Especially without a cleric)
Dark Messengers at each corner repair equipment on their trade list, remember to repair before the event starts.
When the event is finished you turn in your orbs to the second Dark Messenger that spawns near the first.(One has an option the leave the other has an option to trade orbs)

So I prepared a small guide to help those who do still want to try going. Map is labeled with mobs.


Monsters and their immunities.

1. Dread Minion: Bronze
2. Dread Minion: Cenequus
3. Dread Minion: Guarnob
4. Dread Minion: Judge - Physical Immune
5. Dread Minion: Blood - Physical Immune
6. Dread Minion: Soul - Physical Immune
7. Death Knight: Doom - Physical Immune
8. Death Knight: Naught - Physical Immune
9. Tyrant: Flamol - Fire Immune
10. Tyrant: Icika - Water Immune
11. Ancient Sand Fiend - Earth Immune
12. Tyrant: Tornada - Physical Immune, Earth Immune
13. Requiem Tower - Physical Immune, Metal Immune
14. Dread Servant: Blade - Physical Immune
15. Dread Servant: Edge - Elemental Immune
16. Dread Lord: Hengchih
17. Death Knight: Dimensic - Physical Immune
18. Death Knight: End - Physical Immune
19. Soul of Thromh the Mighty
20. Rend Razorjaw's Soul
21. Poison Tail Occultist's Soul

The ideal spot for this event would be at #20. At that spot you can have members lure both Ancient Sand Fiends, Poison Tail Occultist, and Soul of Thromh the Mighty to Rend Razorjaw. As far as I know none of these mobs aoe, all are physical, and all can be damaged by physical damage. So with proper luring you could set up a zhen to kill them.

~Viprae - Sanctuary

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City of Abominations Sleepcatpaws
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City of Abominations
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