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 Rebirth (Delta) Guide

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PostSubject: Rebirth (Delta) Guide   Rebirth (Delta) Guide EmptyTue Oct 06, 2009 3:13 am

*wrote this for Rad forums, copied and pasted here for 90+ players, especially sleep, so he can finally open unicorn forest :P*

*edited with updated information about the veno requirements and duties*

here is a really quick guide to rebirth delta. i will outline the basics and the skills/items that each class requires for a successful completion.

note-most of the basic concepts described here (zhen, beans, auras) apply to all of the rebirths.

rebirth is basically a quest instance where you must protect an npc from waves and waves of mobs. delta is the difficulty level for players of levels 86+. you must have a squad of 6, and the squad leader must have 6 rebirth orders of the correct level (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) to start the quest.

for delta, the squad must consist of 1 of each class. that is, a bm, barb, wiz, cleric, archer, and veno. the bm must be the squad leader in order to get the squad bonus, which i will discuss later.


all players need hp charms and hp pots. all players except the veno should ideally be 90+ with full tt90 gear. numbers for items are estimates:

bm: ideally an axe bm, but at minimum a set of axes, for heaven's flame (high level). genie with alpha male. 4-6 vacuity powders (immune to move debuff for 20 sec).

barb: roar level 10. sunder, high level. genie with alpha male, holy path, solid shield. 6-8 vacuity powders.

cleric: all aoe buffs. blue bubble. genie with expel. 4-6(?) vacuity powders.

wizard: dragon's breath level 10. stone barrier level 10. high pdef (5k+ buffed) and high hp (5k+ buffed). genie with expel. 4-6 vacuity powders.

archer: barrage high level. mana pots for the first few waves. genie with expel recommended.

veno: parasitic nova level 10. noxious gas level 10. bramble level 10. genie with holy path. genie with tangling mire level 10 recommended. 40-50 chaser orbs (or any +speed pots).

basic concepts.

overview. rebirth delta consists of 10 stages, 5 waves of mobs per stage except for the 10th, which has no mobs. a boss will spawn with the 5th wave of each stage. some stages have 2 bosses; the 2nd boss will spawn after the 1st boss is dead. killing the boss(es) will complete the stage and the quest for that stage, awarding exp and spirit to the party. this reward increases drastically as you complete consecutive stages. the mobs will come from the path east of the starting room and head for the harpy wraith on the west side.

celebeans + auras. with the squad layout mentioned above, the party will receive bonus celebeans from an npc in the main rebirth room. celebeans are used by the squad leader (the bm) to purchase "auras". these are super buffs for anyone in range of the glowing "god's eye" npc mob in the main rebirth room. there are 5 auras: attack, defense, hp, mp, chi. the order that seems to work best is: atk1, def1, hp1, mp1, chi1, def2, def3, atk2, def4, atk3, def5, def 6, atk4-5, hp2, atk6, hp3, chi2, hp4-5-6, chi. the auras that you can receive at each stage are limited by the number of celebeans you get. more on this in a sec.

basic strategy.

start the quest by having the squad leader talk to the quest npc. everyone should get the quest in their logs. the squad leader should then talk to the crisium npc to get the bonus celebeans (assuming squad is set up as laid out above). leader will drop happy valley tickets for the veno, and purchase the first aura (atk) using the newly received beans.

zhen the mobs. i will try to post a picture of the area so i can show the setup more easily. the cleric sets up bb. the wiz sets up db in front of the cleric. the bm sits in front of the wizard, inside bb, and catches as many mobs as possible. the barb's job is to group the mobs and then lure them to the wiz, bm, cleric, and archer.

ideally, the barb should "stagger the mobs". that is, pull half the wave to the zhenners, then turn back and sit and turtle the rest of the wave. this gives a precious 20-30 sec for the other 4 to hurt/kill the mobs. not all waves can be staggered, or need to be staggered.

the barb's other role is to help the bm keep aggro off the wizard and cleric. use a combination of roar, alpha male, and sunder to take or keep aggro. bms should stun mobs as they come in, then spam as many high-dmg aoes as possible to build up early aggro. archers should prioritize using barrage on enemy archers and magic mobs, especially if the barb is having difficulty pulling them into the dragon's breath.

the wizard, cleric, and archer need to coordinate expels on the wizard. usually, the wizard goes first, then cleric, then archer. use expel AFTER a charm tick. don't try to be cheap and use it before. make use of your hp charm.

the veno does not participate in the zhen in the first few waves. instead, the veno will do the happy valley quest, using the 10 happy valley tickets that the squad leader (bm) will receive in the beginning. this quest involves going through the blue portal and talking to the npc "the reciprocator" in the happy valley. the quest consists of running through the valley talking to various npcs and killing a mob or two. at the end of the quest, the veno will need to return to the first npc. there are two ways to do this: 1) use a teleport incense, or 2) take off all gear and suicide on the mobs in the last room. the faster the veno does this, the faster she/he will receive the quest reward, celebeans. in between quests, the veno may be recalled to the main room so that the party can obtain more bonus celebeans.

when the boss for each stage spawns, a white messaged text will appear saying "Timer has started". 15 min from this message, the boss will run away and the Destroyer will arrive. in other words, you will lose. thus, the boss must be killed within this timeframe. usually, 2 more messages will appear at the 10min and 5 min marks, but these do not always appear, therefore it is necessary to keep track on your own.

when the mobs are dead and only the boss remains, all zhenners except the cleric will go through the blue portal to the happy valley. their job is to harvest the green chests for celebeans. the bm is also responsible for rounding up all of the happy valley minion mobs and killing them using aoe attacks. these minions will drop a lot a celebeans upon death. the cleric, still in the main room with the boss, is to solo fight the boss while the others get beans. depending on the boss's remaining hp, the bean pickers (and the veno, who is questing this entire time) should return to the main room a few minutes prior to the timer expiring and help kill the boss. once the boss is dead, a chest will spawn with more beans, a mushroom mob will spawn that gives a random goodie on death, and the starting npc that gives bonus beans to the bm squad leader may spawn. everyone will give their beans to the bm, who will then purchase the new auras. the squad will rebuff, the veno will go back to the quest, and the rest will return to the zhen formation.

when the veno has completed all of the quests, the veno will help pick beans, ideally starting in the room farthest from the return portal. the veno (may not be possible without a herc) will dig chests while the pet attacks and kills mobs 1 by 1.

after the happy valley quests are complete and all of the beans have been picked, she/he will help zhen. ideally, the veno will cast parasitic nova FIRST, then the bm will heaven's flame, use another aoe, and then roar of the pride. chain stunning is very important for the tougher waves. the veno should ideally target magic/archer mobs that may not be in range of the wizards db. the veno also should keep the pet attacking the god's eye when necessary. this is because the god's eye buffs are an "attack" by the god's eye mob (identical to the heal from the fate assistant in rooms 14 and 34 of the cube). occasionally the eye will stop "attacking", and auras will stop working. keeping the eye's aggro will prevent this from happening.

special notes:

vacuity powders are mentioned as a requirement because of stage 3 and stage 9. most of these mobs in stage 3 and stage 9 will either stun, sleep, or seal. it is VERY important for barbs/bms to grab and keep aggro as long as possible on these mobs because if bb or db goes down repeatedly, the party will wipe and the party will fail the rebirth.

if someone takes enough damage before death to die twice (ie a 5k hp wiz taking 10k dmg), he/she will get kicked to 1k streams and the party will fail the rebirth. the lesson here is, if you die, don't die horrendously.

for stages 5 and up, the barb MUST pull the boss away from the zhen and lead it in a merry chase throughout the valley. these bosses will aoe stun/interrupt, which will result in party wipe if there are still lots of mobs to deal with.

the stage 8 and up bosses are VERY difficult. they each have an attack that stuns, nukes, and dmg debuffs at once.

after stage 9, there are no more waves. instead, a very tough boss will spawn. this boss has an attack that will aoe seal and purge (remove all buffs) at the same time. it is essential that everyone rebuffs after this attack. the barb should turtle, if possible, or use solid shield while buffing.

rewards for completion are ~2mil exp, 3 chests of coin, 19 mystical tome fragments, random number of old book pages, random amount of coin (i averaged 400k gross), random chance at immaculate or perfect shards (from mushroom mobs), and the opportunity to summon 2 card bosses in safety.

i think that's about it. the best way to learn is to try it, even under non-ideal conditions. the only thing it will cost you if you fail is some time, some rebirth orders, and some charm ticks. the experience you gain will be priceless however, especially if it helps you to finish it. squad communication is crucial, since if one person fails in their job, usually the entire party will wipe. vent or teamspeak is strongly recommended.

any questions, pm me ingame since i may not see posts here. collect those duty badges!

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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth (Delta) Guide   Rebirth (Delta) Guide EmptyTue Oct 06, 2009 10:39 am

I need to buy some duty badges off you.

Rebirth (Delta) Guide Sleepcatpaws
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth (Delta) Guide   Rebirth (Delta) Guide EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 6:42 am

post to declare that the above guide has been edited a bit.

here is a fun SS of what happens when the wizard gets 1ked and the archer (noob!) runs out of arrows.

Rebirth (Delta) Guide 2009-111
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth (Delta) Guide   Rebirth (Delta) Guide EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 11:35 pm

after doing a number of runs with non-axe primary bms, i have come to the conclusion that the bm MUST have all axe skills levelled to 9 or 10 in order for the run to be fully successful.

along the same vein, in order to pass 9-3 and 9-4, the DDs should really be ~level 95 on average with high refined weapons (+5 or higher) in order for there to be a good chance of success.

i've developed a lot of more advanced strategies in rebirth recently, but you guys need to level/gear up first! especially estrella! damn your low hp! :P
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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth (Delta) Guide   Rebirth (Delta) Guide Empty

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Rebirth (Delta) Guide
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