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 SleepCat's Explanation of Glowing Thingamabobs

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PostSubject: SleepCat's Explanation of Glowing Thingamabobs   Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:40 am

How does gear glow?
-Gear glows under the following circumstances:
The following weapons glow:
-Three-star (purple name) : Blue glow. Obtained at lvl 20 from a quest, weapon manufacturing, or mob drops.
-Legendary (gold name) : Gold glow. Obtained by using materials and a mold (dropped from dungeon bosses) at a Legendary weapon forge in Archosaur.
-Twilight (green name) : Green glow. Obtained by using Twilight Temple materials at a Twilight Weapon forge in Archosaur.
-Warsoul (red name) : Red glow. Lv. 100 rank equipment or by collecting particularly rare TT, Lunarglade, and Frostland mats, as well as mysterious chips. Essentially, it's impossible. Don't bother.
-All fist weapons

Weapons can also have additional lighting effects on the hand holding the weapon by imbuing grade 7+ soulgems into them.

Also, you can make armor glow by adding soulgems, here's a list:
2 grade 5 hp stones = purple glow
2 grade 5 phys def stones = orange/reddish glow
2 grade 5 mag def stones = white glow
2 grade 5 mp stones = blue glow
2 grade 5 evasion stones = yellow glow
2 grade 5 elemental stones = green glow
2 grade 5 stones, not the same = sparkles

4 grade 8 hp stones = lightning effect
4 grade 8 mp stones = blue crystal effect
4 grade 8 elemental stones = Strong green glow with sparkles
4 grade 8 phys def stones = Burning fire
4 grade 8 mag def stones = Strong white mist
4 grade 8 evasion stones = Bigger/stronger yellow glow with sparkles.

This is from the malaysian version as far as names go. But these are the effects the soulstones and sockets can produce on armor and weapons.

Shabby = 530 coins
Rough = 1.590 coins, 3 shabby
Blemished = 4.770 coins, 9 shabby
Common = 14.310 coins, 27 shabby
Average = 57.240 coins, 108 shabby
Beautiful = 228.960 coins, 432 shabby
Flawless = 915.840 coins, 1728 shabby
Immaculate = 4.579.200 coins, 8640 shabby
Perfect = 22.896.000 coins, 43.200 shabby
Incomparable = 114.480.000 coins, 216.000 shabby
Gem = 686.880.000 coins, 1.296.000 shabby
Stone = coins, 7.776.000 shabby

Grade 1 = Shabby
Grade 2 = Rough
Grade 3 = Blemished

HP = Citrine
Phys def = Garnet
Mag def = Sapphire
MP = Turquoise
Evasion = Amber

-When using elemental stones on a weapon, they only add the elemental effect to your physical attack, not your magic attack. In short, elemental stones are only good for your cs dailys. Don't bother imbuing them in any of your equipment.

-For the cost of making Grade 8+ soulgems, you could just as easily refine your equipment to +9, which gives better stats anyways. Unless you really dig the armor glows, refining is the more efficient means of improving equipment.
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PostSubject: Re: SleepCat's Explanation of Glowing Thingamabobs   Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:55 pm

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SleepCat's Explanation of Glowing Thingamabobs
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