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 Nirvana (Expansion Dungeon)

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PostSubject: Nirvana (Expansion Dungeon)   Nirvana (Expansion Dungeon) EmptyWed Nov 18, 2009 7:27 pm

This probably will apply to a small population of you guys considering the Lv. 100 req but...

Nirvana (Expansion Dungeon) PoN_Gear

Recasting System


The Rising Tide Expansion brings with it a new dungeon called the Palace of Nirvana. Through this dungeon, players will gain access to a new tier of gear/equipment. As players battle the many bosses that inhabit the Palace of Nirvana they will attain various materials that can be used to “recast” your existing weapons, armor, and materials.

Recasting is an ancient Tideborn method for upgrading equipment. It allows individuals to upgrade their existing gear into new gear, while still maintaining their original attributes, refinement level, and sockets. Essentially through the use of this system, players can take their existing high level equipment, and transform it into Palace of Nirvana gear, and without losing any of the hard work they’ve already invested into their gear. This process of course requires certain materials. Recasting your equipment without these materials will still upgrade your equipment to Palace of Nirvana gear, just without any of your existing attributes/refinement level/sockets.

How does Recasting work?

1) Original Equipment
Not just any piece of equipment can be recast into Palace of Nirvana gear. Only the highest quality equipment is capable of being transformed through this system.

The following are capable of being recast:
Level 90 – Twilight Temple – Headgear and Robes
Level 95 – Lunar Glade – Armor and Weapons
Level 99 – Twilight Temple – Armor and Weapons
Level 100 – Twilight Temple - Weapons

2) Materials Required
The amount of materials required to recast a piece of equipment is determined by its current status. What is the current refinement level? How many sockets does it have? How good are the stones that rest within the item’s sockets? All these factors determine how much material is required to recast that particular piece of equipment.

3) Recasting/Transformation
Any piece of equipment that is recast will be transformed into a Palace of Nirvana piece of equipment within the same “family”. For example, Dual Axes are part of the Axe & Hammer family. If a player recasts the Lunar Glade Dual Axes, they will transform into a Poleaxe, Polehammer, Dual Axes, or Dual Hammers.

Lunar Glade gear and Twilight Temple gear will transform into two completely different sets of Palace of Nirvana gear, each with their own unique look. Lunar Glade equipment will have a more heavenly look to them, while Twilight Temple gear will have a darker feel and theme.

In terms of statistical differences, weapons will have no difference other than appearance, but this is not the case for armor. Recast Lunar Glade armor will have higher base defense. Recast Twilight Temple armor will have a new stat that increases armor by a percentage instead of a flat value.
Lastly, both Palace of Nirvana armor sets will have set bonuses. As you attain more and more pieces of each set, you will unlock Attack Level bonuses, up to Attack Level 10. This will effectively increase your damage output by 10%.

4) Upgrade Stats
After you’ve attained your Palace of Nirvana gear, you have the ability to upgrade its stats. Palace of Nirvana gear can have two random additional attributes, one major and one minor. Major attributes are associated with equipment types, while minor attributes are completely random. Players can “re-roll” the two additional attributes until they find statistics that meet their needs.

Where do I go to get started?

The materials required for the recasting process are attained through the completion of boss encounters within the Palace of Nirvana. Players can only enter the Palace of Nirvana a certain number of times per day. Three entrances are granted for free, another entrance granted via a quest, and finally a fifth entrance per day is granted via the Bounty Hunter.

Q: What is the level requisite to enter the Palace of Nirvana? How many times can I enter per day?
A: The requisite level to enter the Palace of Nirvana is 100. You are granted three entrances per day, but players can trade their Bounty Hunter and Crazy Stone quests for another two chances of the Palace of Nirvana entrances.

Q: Will it transform randomly? What if I like having duel axes because it looks cool and it transforms into a poleaxe instead?
A: The transformation is not random; you can pick whichever item you want, just as long as they are in the same category/family.

Q: Once I recast an item, can I ever revert it back? Will the items be bound to my character? Can I trade materials/items?
A: No, recast items can never be reverted back. If you are recasting a piece of gear that is bound, it will continue to be bound to your character after it is upgraded. Materials from Palace of Nirvana will be tradable.

Q: In addition to upgrading gears, will you be able to obtain new gear without having the pre-existing gear?
A: No, upgrading existing gear is the only way to attain Palace of Nirvana gear.

Q: Will new gear drop in the instance or will the drops only be materials used to upgrade?
A: The drops in Palace of Nirvana will be similar to the current Twilight Temple drops. You’ll be receiving materials as well as other gems.

Q: What does it cost to “re-roll” for new stats?
A: The materials used for upgrading Palace of Nirvana gear are found within the Palace of Nirvana.

Q: When a player recasts their equipment into Palace of Nirvana gear, is it given a minor and major statistic by default, or does a player need to upgrade it again before receiving these random stats?
A: No, the player must first recast their gear into Palace of Nirvana gear. After the transformation is complete, they can then upgrade the equipment in order to receive a major and minor statistic. Re-rolling the major and minor statistics will require substantially less materials.


Nirvana (Expansion Dungeon) Sleepcatpaws
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Nirvana (Expansion Dungeon)
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