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 Requirements for the Weapon of Sages

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Requirements for the Weapon of Sages Empty
PostSubject: Requirements for the Weapon of Sages   Requirements for the Weapon of Sages EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 6:50 pm

First up, you'll need Rank 6 (35k Rep).

Next you need 1 of each sign. 10 Badges can be made into a sign.

Badge of Speed = Daily Race
Badge of Wisdom = Dragon Orders. 5 Copper Orders make 1 Badge, you can also use 5 Silver, and I believe 1 Gold but its a waste, just sell them and buy some coppers.
Badge of Dexterity = Possible reward from Cube of Fate from Reward Pack (Setup a cat shop at the Cube Exit and you'll likely be able to pick them up that way.)
Badge of Endurance = Gotten from the Dragon Raider event on Tuesdays.
Badge of Strength = Gotten from City of Abominations on Wednesday. 50 Orbs make 1 badge in winning room, 100 Orbs if not.
Badge of Courage = See Badge of Strength
Badge of Bravery = Can be gotten from City of Abominations for an absurd number of Orbs. Also can be gotten from Anni Packs. People usually sell them pretty cheap too.

Once you have all of the above talk to the Messenger of the Sages to combine the badges into signs, and then you can talk to him again to trade them in for the weapon.

~Alerean - Heavens Tear (Someone's alt, dunno the actual account name)

Compared to Warsouls, TT100s, this endgame weapon is actually not as difficult to obtain as earlier thought, partially due to the low amount of knowledge concerning the Weapon of the Sages meaning badge prices are actually quite cheap.

Requirements for the Weapon of Sages Sleepcatpaws
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Requirements for the Weapon of Sages
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