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 RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic

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PostSubject: RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic   RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic EmptySat Dec 19, 2009 5:28 am

Quote :
The following is a guide for Rebirth of the Gods Delta-Sectors. It was added in a recent update but it seems there was no formal announcement by the programmers or GM's. After many wasted hours and horrifying charm ticks, i have been able to successfully learn the ins and outs of the Delta-Sector. Now for some basic Q and A.

Q: What the hell is Delta-Sector?
A: A new way of completing Rebirth Delta which, if done right, will result in better experience and drops.

Q: Can i still get my culti quests done in D-S?
A: No you cannot, you must complete the the regular RB delta in order to get the quest bosses.

Q: Which is easier, Delta or Delta-Sector
A: Delta for sure, Delta-Sector requires a hell of a lot more co-ordination and individual efforts.

Q: When should i attempted Delta-Sector
A: Your entire squad should be over 94 minimum. Obviously the higher lvl your squad is the better chance you'll have of succeeding.

Q: How do i start a Delta-Sector
A: First, your squad leader needs to make sure he has a Neo-Deity scroll in his inventory. Then start a regular RB Delta. When the squad leader talks to the npc to start the Rebirth, he must make sure he selects the second option to start Delta-Sector. The first round will then start, complete it as you normally would. Once the boss is dead you will automatically start Delta-Sector.

Quote :
The following is a crudely drawn map of the Rb Delta-Sector. The numbers 1-12 represent the different sectors of the map, each individual sector will be explained below.

RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic Sector10

Sectors 1-10 are where the mobs come from. 11 and 12 are speciality sectors.

1- Increased damage mobs - Several mobs with very low hp and defence, but really high attack power. Contains both ranged and melee physical mobs. Best tackled by Barbs.

2- These mobs are a bit odd, they are immune to all damage from male characters but can be defeated by female characters with large bottoms.

3- increased movement speed - i shouldnt need to explain this

4- Sleep - these mobs do nothing but cast sleep on you. I will explain how to overcome this perma sleep in the strategies below.

5- 1 hit KO - these mobs are all melee physical and will hit 50k on anyone. They also have 1 hp each. Massive long range aoe is the way to go here.

6- Poison - these mobs all cast poison damage on you, best tackled by a cleric with maxed purify.

7- Magic resistant- High magic resistance mobs

8- Invisible - these mobs have all stolen Harry Potters invisibility cloak and you cant see them. But there is one mob that isnt invisibile and is immune to all damage. So you need to target that one mob and aoe it to kill the others. The visible mob will disappear once the others are dead.

9 - The Mimic Room - you must mimic the actions of the mobs in order to kill them. Best tackled by a Veno with a 'Ditto' pet.

10- Undead Mobs - must heal them to kill them.

11- Coffee Room / Toilet - Tired of all the action? Run to the Coffee room, and grab a cup of Joe. Coffee gives you a temperary increased casting speed / attack speed buff. However the coffee can only be drank in the break room.

12- Break Room - Drink your joe, or just kick back and be lazy.

The purple dot is the harpy / spawn area and the orangeish dot is the aura npc's.

Also, do not enter the wendy's, if you want food you can get it after the RB......fatty

Quote :
nd for the actual guide, i wont explain how to do round 1 because well you shouldnt be doin Delta-Sector unless you've done regular Delta. One important thing to remember, is despite the fact that you will have beans from either bonus beans or quests/ digging DO NOT USE ANY OF THEM. There is a new set of advanced auras in Sector that are much more useful than the regular ones.

Ok, so once round 2 starts, a small amount of mobs will steadily appear at each sector spawn. The easiest way to take out these mobs is by cutting them off at their spawn, not aoe-ing them all at once like normal. Which means you need to split your team up to cover the sectors. The first thing you need to do is set your first advanced aura. Speak to the new aura npc's and start off by activating the Vaculty Aura. This will help nulify the effects of the sleep sector. Now, as for who takes which sector we experimented quite a bit and we found this to be the best set up.

Archer- if female, 2 and 5. if male - support another sector. (always have at least 1 female wizard/archer)
Blademaster- Sector's 3 and 8
Barb - Clear Sector one then support cleric
Cleric - Sectors 4, 6 and 10
Venomancer - Sectors 7 and 9
Wizard - if female, 2 and 5. if male - support another sector. (always have at least 1 female wizard/archer)

As you progress through the rounds, the mobs come in larger groups and with more hp. Just like in Delta you will need to farm beans during bosses. However, you farm beans by going to the break room and collecting the beans quest. Then running to the coffee room to get the coffee beans and then take them back to the break room npc to convert into aura beans. All members can (and should) do this. As for the different type of Aura's:

Vaculty Aura- creates an anti-movement debuff effect every 10 seconds. At lvl 1 this effect last 5 seconds. (ie. 5 second buff, every 10 seconds). Every lvl increases the time the effect lasts so at max (lvl 6) you get a permanent effect. This aura is a must! Max it out by round 4.

Smexyness Aura- Makes all players with ugly characters appear invisible. For the most part a useless and often a dangerous aura to use. But when you have Zerogummi or Sgt in your squads, its worth the risk.

Bless Aura- creates a bless effect similar to that of BB every 10 seconds. At lvl 1 this effect last 5 seconds, at lvl 6 it last 10. Get Lvl 1 Asap, max out after Vaculty.

Reduce QQ Aura- Searches and filters out QQ from squad chat. Only one lvl available. Get this if you have rcrmichael_ or UntamedFurey in your squad right away, otherwise its your call.

And then of course there are your regular aura's: Attack, Defence, Mana, Chi, Health.

And thats about it for RB Delta-Sector...i hope you enjoyed reading this and i hope it helps. GL and remember, cover your god damn sector!

~BIackMagic - Heavens Tear


RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic Sleepcatpaws
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PostSubject: Re: RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic   RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 2:13 am

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RB Delta-Sector Guide By BIackMagic
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