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 How to Obtain Advance Skills

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PostSubject: How to Obtain Advance Skills   Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:01 pm

So at Lv. 79, you finally get more skills. Yay! But then you realize the trainer doesn't have it listed. That's because lv. 79 skills are different. :(

To get your Lv. 79 skills, you need 20 apocalypse pages and 10 medium ink.

You can purchase the medium ink at 1k streams for 100k each. On top of that, the apocalypse pages are only dropped by mobs in end level dungeons. Here's the breakdown of the best ways to get them:

Twilight Temple 1-3 Mode (lv76 to open, very slow to farm due to necessity of killing necessary monsters and waste 5-10 minutes killing chintien)
Catacomb Dragon (10 mobs, 15.9%, near end of dungeon)
Catacomb Archer (6 mobs, 5.3%)
Catacomb Mobster (11 mobs, 4.7%)

Twilight Temple 2-2 Mode (lv82 to open, cant give much info here, so far we only kill the first 10 monsters, 5% each, and remake the dungeon)
Ancient Ghostjock (8 mobs, 12.8%, near end of dungeon)
Ancient Tauroc Warrior (8 mobs, 5,4%)
Ancient Feligar Guard (8 mobs, 5%)
Ancient Sori Sorcerer (2 mobs, 4,4%)
Ancient Wraith Footman (6 mobs, 4,2%, near end of dungeon)
Ancient Runeguard Wolf (10 mobs, 4.1%)

Both modes you can do either single or squad, but single will cost substances (but you have the opportunity to kill the bosses for mats).

FB89 Brimstone Pit / FB89 Eden
Pretty much every single mob has a 5% drop rate of Apocalypse Pages.

Or you can say screw it and just purchase the pages for about 300k each. 7mil is a bit of an investment, so make sure you really want those Lv. 79 skills. Or wait until you can farm them. So what to do with all those pages?

EDIT: Prices for Apoc Pages are dropping fast to about 165k per nowadays, so they're not as big of an investment as they used to be. :D

1k Streams Forge (119,858) or Ancient Heaven's Tear (must finish wraith ploy quest and travel time)
At least they give you a break in this department in that you need no crafting skills to craft the books. :p

Sage/Demon Skills are equally as frustrating. After you get your little fairy at the end of your Lv. 89 cultivation quest, that doesn't mean all your skills will automatically turn into Sage/Demon variations of the skills. Instead, you'll have to get the books for the skills. It's easier to split the Sage/Demon skills into three sets, because they are 3 different methods to obtain them, and each yields a different set. The Lv. 89 ones, the Lv. 92 ones, and the Lv. 99 ones.

The Lv. 89 Sage/Demon skills books are 10% drops from the fb89 bosses. Of course, this is completely random so if you're a Sage Veno, you might get a Demon Archer skill book so expect a lot of trading.

EDIT: Also, there are a few Lv. 89 skill books that only drop from the last boss in fb99.

The nicer part about the Lv. 92/99 Sage/Demon skill books is that when you craft them, you'll always get a skill book for your particular class and cultivation path. So less trading I guess. But still not the exact skill you want. :p

The Lv. 92 Sage/Demon skill books are particularly obnoxious because they are only be obtainable by collecting 50 mysterious pages. The fun part is that mysterious pages do not currently exist in the game. :D books can be obtained by collecting 20 Old Book Pages. Each Old Book Page can be obtained by collecting 10 Book Credit Cards. You get all this from the Adv. Cube, specifically Rooms 51-60.

EDIT: This just in, it is possible to get Mysterious Pages from Rebirth Order Gamma and above, as well as the Adv. Cube, which is rooms 50-60. It's only a guess that you get the pages from there, but I am absolutely certain Mysterious Pages are achievable because there has been a number of Lv. 92 Sage/Demon skills in AH as of late.

Here's an excerpt of information:

Ty - Heavens Tear
Quote :
All can be gotten via Old book page trades. Old book pages are are made using book credit cards (10 of) these are also gotten via the cube, advanced cube to be specific. Rooms 51-60 give 1-2 credit cards depending on the room. The devil room gives you one per defeated boss so 5 max i think. Advanced cube is very expensive, will cost at least 1 mil per day.

The Lv. 99 Sage/Demon skill set is a lot less about luck and more about waiting. They require 30 pages of fate to craft. Pages of fate are obtainable by completing the Cube of Fate at Lv. 90+. So you need to get all the way to room 50 30 times per skill. That's pretty much a month per skill. Ouch.

Ironically, Lv 100 skills are more accessible than the Sage/Demon skill books. These require 20 chrono pages and 10 medium ink. Chrono pages have about a 1.5% drop rate from Lv. 150 minibosses and the infamous world bosses. Going rate is currently about 900k. Considering that only 1 player is at Lv. 100 right now, I don't think people are going to have much sales with chrono pages. Like the Lv. 79 skills, you can only forge the skill books from Ancient Heaven's Tear.

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PostSubject: Re: How to Obtain Advance Skills   Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:25 pm


Wow, you really gotta work for those higher skills.

Uhmmm.... good to know in advance though! Thank you! *bookmarks for later reference, then resumes grinding*
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PostSubject: Re: How to Obtain Advance Skills   Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:32 am

Finally updated with completely legitimate information for all the advanced skills. Happy hunting for them. :D

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PostSubject: Re: How to Obtain Advance Skills   

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How to Obtain Advance Skills
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