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 Chi Stones and Genie Stamina

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PostSubject: Chi Stones and Genie Stamina   Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:54 am

Here is a table I found on the forums that is kind of nice to see how much stamina you are getting with your chi stones for your genie. This should be pretty useful right now since the Snowmen have come out to play. ^^

Level Chi Stone +Stamina
1 YiYuan 40
2 Liangyi 80
3 Santsai 160
4 Ssuhsiang 240
5 Wuhsing 320
6 Liuho 400
7 Chihsing 480
8 Pakua 560
9 Chiukung 640
10 Perfect 720
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Chi Stones and Genie Stamina
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