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 WQ Shortcut Guide

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PostSubject: WQ Shortcut Guide   WQ Shortcut Guide EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 5:40 am

With a little change in your wallet, taking a few tp routes can considerably shorten your WQ time, making it much more time efficient, and the time you save can be used to grind for the coins you used to take the tp routes. :D

All info is according to the user having unlocked all waypoints.

Here are some of the most common shortcuts:

#2 to #3: TP from Archo to Etherblade, TP again to Timberfield, TP back to Etherblade
#3 to #4: TP from major city to Plume, TP again to Village of Brutes, TP back to Plume
To #5: TP to City of the Lost, TP again to Wellspring, fly to #5
To #6/7: TP to Archo, fly to #6/7
To #11: TP to Ether, TP again to Timberfield/Walled Stronghold, fly to #11
#9/10/11 to #12/13/14: TP from Walled Stronghold to Ether, fly to destination
#12/13/14 to #15: TP to Etherblade, TP to Lost and fly to #15
From #17 to X: TP to Broken Bridge and to Lost, then again to Antiquity, fly to destination
To #30: If you don't mind dropping 8k, TPing from Archo straight to 1k then flying to East Barrier is actually very efficient; otherwise, TP to Etherblade and fly to #30.
To #Villa: Fly to 1k, pup TP to Archo.

There are a few more I'm pretty sure I missed but this is the gist of it.

WQ Shortcut Guide Sleepcatpaws
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WQ Shortcut Guide
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