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PostSubject: Macro's   Macro's EmptyWed Jan 13, 2010 12:00 am

Macro= A combinations of actions which can be sequenced, and then executed with a single click.

Sure it's not much trouble constantly bashing hotkeys, but if you're fingers are getting tired, Macro's will save your day!
Imagine this, you're in a TT Instance and you have to face a boss with millions of hp, takes reduced dmg, essentially taking you half an hour to beat! (There are such bosses)
If you're a melee person, it's not that bad, you can just leave it on auto attack.
But if you're a caster dd/healer, your fingers will not like you after you're done.
With macro's set up, you can essentially(If you wanna be a bit lazy), click your hotkey ONCE, and have your character keep on casting without
you mashing your keyboard/mouse!

Creating a macro

1.)Open up your skills window, hotkey "r"
2.)At the Bottom of the window, press "New"
3.)In the new window that popped up, select the icon you wish for it in the box below. Note that the icon's
are purely for cosmetic looks, and do not affect the macro.
4.)Place your skills and actions, in the empty boxes, by dragging the icons from your Skill Window (Hotkey "r"), and the
"Normal Attack" icon right below the empty boxes.
5.)Place the skills in the appropriate order you would like them to be.
6.) Press Save, and now you have your brand new macro icon!

Infinitely Looping a Macro

Now it took me a while to figure this out, mainly because of some bad localization.

1.)Open up your Skills Window
2.) Press "new" or "edit"
3.) Now this is where it happens. Do you see the icon beside the "Normal attack" icon? It says "Walk behind enemy" and has an Icon of a 180 degree turn. IT DOES NOT ACTUALLY MAKE YOU WALK BEHIND THE ENEMY!!!!
Trust me, when I first saw this icon, I wtf'd.
What it's actual description is SUPPOSE to be is: "Loop macro starting from here once current macro has completed"
So, Place this icon where you want it to start looping, after the macro is finished.
4.) Save


Wizard Macro

[Spark] ->[Undine Blast] -> [Black Ice Dragon Strike] ->[Loop Icon] ->[Gush] ->[Pyrogram]

So after this macro has finished, your wizard will keep on casting gush followed by pyrogram, over and over and over again, UNTIL
1)The dude you're trying to kill is dead
2)You get interrupted via stun, seal, etc
3)You run out of mp
4)You DIE

Hope that helped,
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Macro's Empty
PostSubject: Re: Macro's   Macro's EmptyWed Jan 13, 2010 11:38 pm

lol i love how u capitalized DIE =D
its really cool that this game allows u to use macros.. all the other games ive played required hacking to use macros... just another reason y pwi owns all =D
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