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 Forgotten Frostlands (FF)

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PostSubject: Forgotten Frostlands (FF)   Forgotten Frostlands (FF) EmptyMon Mar 29, 2010 1:30 pm

The Forgotten Frostland

When you reach level 85 and decide you want to focus more on gaining experience than money/drops, then doing FF runs will be perfect for you. Hopefully this guide will give you a general idea of what you will encounter when entering the instance - but please keep in mind that each squad is different, and some people have different ways of going about this instance than others.

What You Need:
- Training Scroll/Hyper XP Stones (optional)
- LOTS of Potions if you are a cleric, and LOTS of bolts/arrows if you are an archer. Don't enter this instance unprepared as it will slow down the squad should you have to run back to town.
- Rez scrolls are recommended for a cleric, but optional.
- 2-4 hours. This instance can vary in time greatly (depending on the squad), with the average run being set at about 3 hours. Potty breaks beforehand are strongly recommended.

Blademasters/Barbarians - You will mainly be focused on gathering the mobs. Most of them group in the hallways and rooms, so there will be lots of AOE'ing going on. Of course, you will also be tanking.

Clerics - You will be expected to BB. This is important because in order to do a fast run, the BM's and Barbs will be gathering lots of mobs to AOE, and squad heals don't always work so well. If you do not want to BB, make sure to notify the squad ahead of time.

Archers - Keep an eye out for flying harpies (mostly located in the hallways). Lots of BM's also carry bows for this to help you out, but mostly it's up to you as other squad members cant reach them or are busy AOE'ing the groups of land mobs.

Other classes - DD'ing is a super important part of this instance run to make it go as fast as possible.

Before Starting the Run:
Make sure to question if anyone hasn't been in this instance before, or if you are new, make sure to state it. A quick debrief before each boss can be very helpful even to those who have ran it before.

For clerics, if you haven't ran it before, make sure to ask someone to tell you when and where to BB.

Be sure to pick up your daily quest at the NPC in the entrance room (level 85+).

Running the FF:
Hyper xp stones can be activated at the beginning because they can be turned on and off for bosses. Training scrolls are recommended to not be turned on until the big room (I mention it again below).

1st Boss
The first boss will set traps around the room. You will suddenly see a bunch of orange glowing circles on the floor of the room. When these pop up you have 5 seconds to get out of the circle, or you will instantly die. Note that these circles come from the boss, not the room, so even if you lead him out of the room and into the hallway, the circles will still spawn.

2nd Boss
No one should talk to the NPC until everyone in the group is ready. When you talk the NPC, the boss will appear and be frozen on a platform. Surrounding the platform will be glowing portals. Everyone in the squad should head to the right side of the platform and focus on the mobs that appear in the blue portal. Kill each of the quickly (usually the cleric wont have to focus on healing here - it's mostly DD time) you only have a minute or so per mob. The other mobs will not attack you, so leave them alone.

After the mobs in the blue portal stop spawning, turn to the yellow portal and do the same.

Finally, the boss will break out of his little ice cube and attack. This boss has random agro, so don't feel bad if you are tanking and he gets away from you.

When the boss switches agro he will either cast a sleep spell or an HP drain spell. The sleep spell isn't important, so the cleric should keep focusing on healing the tank. The HP drain is very important to catch though, as this can take out someone with low HP (like yours truly) in a matter of seconds. Purifying is the best way to counter this attack and it can be spotted by an icon in the squad list of buffs and also as a purple ball surrounding the person.

3rd Boss
When you enter the room of the 3rd boss you will see a woman standing there wanting to talk with you. This is part of the daily quest, so squad members under level 85 will not be able to speak with this NPC. Make sure that your entire party is ready for battle before speaking to the woman. Once you speak to her, your common chat will start to inform you to prepare yourself because the boss is coming. For this boss, the tank needs to concentrate on the boss while the other squad members need to keep an eye out for the dragon ads that he spawns and kill them off. Once he's defeated, be sure to go back and speak with the NPC to finish your daily.

4th Boss
Once again the tank will need to focus on the boss while the rest of the squad takes care of the bishops that will spawn. The bishops have an AOE and it's important to kill them quickly because more and more will spawn. This boss also has random agro, and likes to purge the squad of their buffs (especially AJ). DO NOT focus on rebuffing if he purges you because odds are he will just turn around and take it away again. Getting this boss killed quickly and keeping the bishops under control is the best plan for survival.

5th Boss
MAKE SURE YOUR COMMON CHAT IS ON. This guy is called the "talking boss" for a reason. He's not just yammering on the usual chatter about how he's gonna kick your butt. This boss has a VERY powerful AOE that will kill anyone who is in the way. He announces when he is going to do this AOE by saying:






As soon as you see "SUPER.." on your screen, it's important to stop attacking and run. Most ranged classes are ok without moving if they are at their maxed range and have their range skill at level 10. It's very important for range classes to keep in mind that because the Barbs and Blademasters have to run away that they should slow down on their attacking so as not to steal agro.

6th Boss
This guy is pretty easy. He deals an AOE that will take out a percentage of your max health. I'm not exactly sure what the percentage is though, if I had to guess, I'd say about 30%. Once he is dead, everyone over level 85 can enter the portal to get teleported to the next room. Those under 85 will have to walk.

The Big Room
One you enter the big room you will be faced with many groups of sword-ladies. If you have a training scroll, now is the time to activate it. Before taking on the groups of mobs, navigate between them to kill off all the Harpies in the room. After the Harpies have been killed, it's up to the squad how to proceed. Many squads will take half of the room at a time, while super confident squads will grab the whole room at once. (Be careful to avoid the boss. Once the room is cleared, you may proceed to the boss in the middle.

7th Boss
The most important rule of this boss: NO AOE ATTACKS. This boss likes to spawn a little minion of himself that will dance around and taunt you by saying "hit me, hit me!" Don't hit him. He'll go away eventually and won’t hurt you, but if you touch him, he'll explode for 5k AOE damage.

Also with this boss, hands (kind of like those in TT) will appear around squad members. It's important to designate a squad member to kill these hands. They only have like 1000 hp, and can easily be killed in one hit. Usually an archer or someone with a fast range attack should be in charge to take care of the hands. If allowed to explode they will deal an AOE for 5k damage.

Floating Heads
After the boss dies, an NPC will spawn. Be sure that the entire squad is ready before speaking to her. She will give you a quest to kill some heads. These heads spawn in random points of the room and don't attack back. They can be killed in one-hit and the more that you kill, the better experience you will gain when you turn in the quest. Be quick though, you only have about 3 seconds/head and only about 1-2 minutes to kill as many as you can.

8th Boss
This guy is basically Pole-Arm. He has that nasty debuff skill that a cleric will need to watch for and also does an AOE.

9th Boss
Look up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane... no wait, yeah it's a bird. This boss is a ginormus phoenix that will need to be lured down to the ground. This can be done by hitting it and then running away (preferably down the ramp at the rooms entrance). He has an aoe, but squad heals should be enough to keep everyone alive.

You are almost done! This guy is counted as one boss, even though TECHNICALLY, you are killing him twice. First you need to either kill Holeen's body or his soul. There is no difference between the two. I say kill the soul cause he's cute and cuddly. Beware of random agro.

Once the body/soul is dead there will be a giant standing in place of where the other one was. You can't miss it (unless you are AJ). This guy is pretty nasty, he stuns and also has an AOE that hits hard. BB is recommended for this guy because it's really hard for non-tanks to stay alive.

Token Turn-In
When the final boss dies you will get to turn in your tokens (received from doing the quests in FF) to the NPC in the room. Your reward will be a box that you can open with a prize inside!

Hopefully you will enjoy your FF run. It's definitely more fun if everyone is on vent and you are working with friends, however random squads can be nice too. Have fun and enjoy all the experience you will receive! ^^

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Posts : 257
Join date : 2009-04-13
Age : 29
Location : Rapid City, South Dakota

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PostSubject: Re: Forgotten Frostlands (FF)   Forgotten Frostlands (FF) EmptyMon Mar 29, 2010 1:34 pm

Hey Peoples,

This is a guide that I had been working on for awhile and I finally finished it! It's good timing because of the double experience weeks that are currently on-going. This guide was pretty much written from memory with the help of a few "quick-tips" guides I found online to remind me of the order of the bosses. If you notice anything incorrect about this guide - or something I missed, please let me know. ^^

- AJ

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PostSubject: Re: Forgotten Frostlands (FF)   Forgotten Frostlands (FF) EmptyMon Mar 29, 2010 1:49 pm

Don't forget to keep the level range as minimum as possible so experience penalties will be smaller thus more xp efficient runs. :D

Fun fact: The fastest FF run was clocked at about 40 minutes.

Forgotten Frostlands (FF) Sleepcatpaws
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PostSubject: Re: Forgotten Frostlands (FF)   Forgotten Frostlands (FF) Empty

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Forgotten Frostlands (FF)
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