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 Short'n'Sweet Archer guides by DivineChang

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Short'n'Sweet Archer guides by DivineChang Empty
PostSubject: Short'n'Sweet Archer guides by DivineChang   Short'n'Sweet Archer guides by DivineChang EmptyMon Apr 20, 2009 10:06 am

Bringing over more from the old forums. This was originally typed by DivineChang.


Full dex: +4 dex, +1 str each lvl.
(good at lower lvls, like up to 50 or so)

Hybrid: +3 dex, +1 vit, +1 str each lvl.
(better for pvping at higher up lvls, 60+. also easier to maintain)


I know this is short but it works xD.

EDIT: A good transition from full dex to hybrid is to get to lvl 55 using the full dex build. Then for 9 lvls put all points into vitality. After that, do +4 dex, +1 str per lvl.

Well I'm just gonna make this from scrath and these are only my personal preferences in where you should put your spirit.

I'm only gonna name the skills that you should lvl because there are a ton that aren't worth getting at all.

Some people say to get maxed blazing arrow but it seems pretty useless. I got mine to lvl 10 and i cant tell the difference from lvl 1. i only use it for the red glowy aura thingy =D. choice to lvl it is up to you

Get knockback but ONLY GET IT TO LEVEL 1. chances are you will be using knockback constantly. lvling knockback up past 1 will just waste your spirit and mana.

Winged shell and wings of protection: lvl these skills up everytime you can, they are very useful and will help you from using up a bunch of potions.

Aim low and stunning arrow: lvl these skills up everytime you can cuz they rock.

Frost arrow is a good skill to have at the highest you can get it. doesnt use up much mana and the higher lvl you get it, the longer the enemy is slowed.

Vicious arrow and serrated arrow are completely useless skills, dont get them. if you want sharpened tooth arrow just get those two skills to lvl 1.

winged pledge and lightning strike... these skills you are gonna be wanting to use up close because their damage isn't halved like your normal attacks and most other skills. get these skills maxed.

get wingspan and thunderous blast to lvl 1, they arent used much.

get winged blessing maxed whenever you can. i advise not to get much of bow mastery til a higher lvl since the damage wont be raised much.

get barrage of arrows to lvl 1 only because it uses a ton of mana. maybe consider lvling this skill when you are like lvl 80 =P

i think that's pretty much it... :D
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Short'n'Sweet Archer guides by DivineChang
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