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 BH29 - One Time vs Three Times

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BH29 - One Time vs Three Times Empty
PostSubject: BH29 - One Time vs Three Times   BH29 - One Time vs Three Times EmptyFri May 14, 2010 9:35 am

This trick was discovered by Norby - but I thought I would post it here in case any of you have mains/alts that are at level 40 and are going to start running BH29s. I find this trick most helpful if you are using BH's to simply grind for spirit (dumping experience into genies).

To run BH29 once/day...

DAY 1: Pick up BHI and kill the boss. DO NOT TURN IN.

DAY 2: Turn in BHI and pick up BHI and BHII. Kill the boss, but again DO NOT TURN IN.

DAY 3: Turn in BHI and BHII and pick up BHI, BHII and BHIII. Kill the boss. DO NOT TURN IN. (At this point, 3 is optional to turn in, but in my opinion it's just good practice to wait.)

DAY 4: Turn in BHI, BHII, BHIII and pick up BHI, BHII, and BHIII - kill the boss and from now on wait to turn in your BHs until the next day. (Basically you are getting your experience BEFORE you kill him.)


For those of you that want to kill the boss 3 times/day (for whatever reason) here is a trick I found to be able to do it between 2 people without having to have a 3rd person invite for a 3rd run.

Run 1: Jack (leader) and Jill run the instance. At the end, Jill leaves the squad and invites Jack.

Run 2: Jack enter's the instance FIRST and confirms reset and Jill (leader) passes lead to Jack before entering. They run the instance and then Jill leaves the squad and once again re-invites Jack.

Run 3: Jack and Jill (leader) enter and run the instance as normal. They do not tumble down a hill. ;)

Why this works:
The leader of the squad is essentially the "owner" of the instance. If a previous leader of the squad becomes leader before entering, the instance will recognize him and show him the instance he just left (empty). So, we are just tricking the instance. ^^


Final notes on FB/BH29:

I've been in that instance before where people practically commit suicide at the tower by attracting all the mobs around it. To save your repair bill, remember that the tower will not attack you if you are at a range, and none of the mobs will move for you except the exploding lantern. So - one person attacks the tower, and one person gets the lantern. Hehe, of course - if you are high enough level you can just run in an Leroy Jenkins it I guess.

In the boss room, if you do not have an aoe that will take care of all the mobs in that room, if you simply shoot at one, only about 2 others at a time will run at you. (Start with the corners first.) Taking on 3 at a time can be easier than the whole room if you are squishy.
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BH29 - One Time vs Three Times Empty
PostSubject: Re: BH29 - One Time vs Three Times   BH29 - One Time vs Three Times EmptyFri May 14, 2010 9:45 am

Well, this trick doesn't work for JUST BH29. It's usable for pretty much any BH really (especially BH39 where they send you after Trioc first for some reason[I think?]). But yes, if you want to save time and money on running, teleporting, and/or wines, you are guaranteed to fall in love with simple, but effective, trick.

Happy Bounty Hunting!
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BH29 - One Time vs Three Times
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