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 Blademaster Guide

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PostSubject: Blademaster Guide   Blademaster Guide EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 1:34 pm

Blademaster Guide
by Various Sources

Blademasters are a multipurpose class with ability to use a range of weapons. They are tanks and DDs, with just enough HP/defense and just enough speed/strength to be DD. BM's are able to tank bosses in later levels (HP ranging from 4500 - 8000 in lvls 70-95 with 10k+ defense). They are able to gather up mobs and AOE grind alone or with a squad - excellent for Zhen, and FF.

You can explore and/or you can get down to very detail in how you build your Blademaster.

WEAPONS: Axe, Pole, Sword/blade, Fist/Claw
And whichever path you choose will be specific to how to distribute the attributes for your BM.

Borrowed from Lyndura's Guide here is a chart of


Dual Axes 0.83
Dual Hammers 0.83
Sledgehammer 0.91
Poleaxe 0.91
Poleblade 1.0
Pike 1.0
Shaft 1.0
Dual Blades 0.91
Dual Swords 0.91
Sword 1.11
Blade 1.11
Fist 1.43
Claw 1.43


Stats requirement every two levels to wear different weapon paths. (2 lvls = 10 points so you distribute as shown and add extra to VIT or Dex, whichever you prefer for your build: no points whatsoever in Magic)

[/i][/b]Blademaster Guide Untitl11


Passive skills
Weapon mastery-(Level it)Always Level these, at level 10, you gain a 60% damage increase.

Aura of the Golden Bell-(Level it) Level it ASAP. At level 10, you receive a 60% physical defensive buff for all your squad members for 30 minutes. You can have lvl 10 at lvl 58. I don't leave the without this buff.

Diamond Sutra-(Level when you can) At level 1 you immediately recover 20% of your Maximum HP, and an additional 250 over 15 seconds. The initial 20% is what matters and that does not change as you level this skill, it is the additional over 20 seconds that goes up. At level 10 it is 1600 over 15 seconds.

Alter Marrow Magical-(Learn it, max level 3)There is some debate about this skill. I recommend learning it and keeping it around 3, that gives you a 50% magical defense increase at a 50% physical defense cost. It can be useful, but you have to remember, it only lasts 30 seconds. Also I use this skill to gain chi.

Alter Marrow Physical-(Learn it, max level 3)I treat this the same as the other marrow. Take it to about level 3. I use this skill to gain chi as well. This comes in handy when fighting pure physical mobs.

Tiger Leap/Leap Back-(Learn It, don't lvl it) Learn them, but don't level them. I never use them, but you never know. They are fun to play with.

General, Axe, Pole, Sword, and Fist

Tiger Maw-(Never Level)Starting skill, does base damage +extra damage. I never use this, I don't even have it on my skill shortcut bar.

Draw Blood-(Level it). I recommend leveling it ASAP..however, it will be useless from lvl 80-89. I recommend this skill to be your first Sage/Demon - it becomes much more powerful and is very useful!! Don't forget about it.

Stream Strike-( Learn it, Don't lvl) This is the so called BM aggro skill. It does not work. Learn it, don't level it. If you go Demon and you like the Demon version then level it and learn the Demon version. Otherwise this is a useless skill and does not work as it is supposed to.

Aeolian blade-(Level it) In earlier levels, this seems like a waste of time because of how long it takes to cast, but as you progress in levels, level this skill, because at lvl 10 this does really nice amount of damage, and has 60% chance to stun opponent for 3 seconds.

Drakes Ray-(Learn it) I love this skill. This is general ranged attack. Learn it, Level it as you wish. Around lvl 85, it starts to seem very weak, but I still used it until I got the Demon version that hits harder and has more range. It is very nice when you are catching aggro when a veno is pulling.

Ocean's Edge-(Level it) I like this skill. At lvl 10 it is very effective in slowing the opponent and almost never fails. What I do during grinding on a single mob is, use this skill or slow them, and then use Draw Blood. Take your time leveling this.

Fan of Flames-(Level it)It's not a great AOE, but it is a frontal AOE, damage is ok, but because it is an AOE, level it, you will use it. Especially if your main weapon path is not Axes. I personally don't like this skill that much, but use it because I have to. Take your time leveling this. being lvl 93 I still have it at lvl 4.

Drake Sweep-(Level it) I like this much better than Fan of Flames. A full radial AOE, so for you non-axe users, it is very important. Learn it and level it.

Roar Of Pride-(Level it ASAP)This is what a blademaster is, we stun, learn this skill and learn how to use it. Understand also that Stuns also generate aggro. That is very important to remember, when you decide to use it, that and this is an AOE.


Drake Bash-(Level when you can) Learn this and level when you can. I like this skill. I use it in PvP. It stuns much more quick than Roar Of Pride, however for less time.

Highland Cleave-(Level it)Your AOE's have arrived! Level this, it is a great skill, does all kinds of damage, and has a 10.0m radius.

Fissure-(Level it)Another AOE, level it as soon as you can, also has the 10.0m radius, and has a slow. It is a must.

Heaven's Flame-(Level it) The ultimate for Axes, AOE, massive damage and also DOT. It does come at the cost of 2 sparks, but in a time of need you will use it, and you will love it.


Piercing Winds-(Level it) Unlike other first level special skills, I think this is one to level. It is a linear AOE, id does ok damage, and it is a DOT, that is stackable. Level this one.

Farstrike-(Level when you can)This is another Linear AOE, it does good damage.

Meteor Rush-(Level it) This is a linear AOE, it deals damage and it also knocks back the mobs a certain distance.

Glacial Spike-(Level it) The ultimate Pole AOE. Frontal AOE, decent damage, and lessens defense of opponent/mobs/boss.


Mage Bane-(Learn it) This is a useless skill unless you plan on getting the Demon, which I have. I use it often as demon version. I NEVER used it as regular attack. It takes too long to cast. Learn it, but don't level it until you get sage/demon version. (If you plan to get it).

Spirit Chaser-(Level it) This is my signature Sword BM skill for me. I love this. It's nice damage and has great range. I use it along with Drake's Ray to catch a mob to to deliver hard and fast hits to it. (When you use Roar of Pride, Drake's Ray and this skill are the fastest and hardest...works excellent).

Atmos strike-(Level it)This does really nice damage, and it is a knockback skill. Very useful when you are trying to herd a mob in the field/TT/FB/BH and so on. It doesnt work on most Bosses, but it does on mini ones, and on the ones in Old Heaven's Tear. Be careful using this, not to throw a squad in mass of mobs.

Myriad Sword Stance-(Level it) This is the ultimate Sword skill. It lessens the magical and physical damage of boss/mobs for 60% for 15 seconds (at level 10). And this is EXCELLENT for bosses who have bad AOE, it saves squad wipes. 12 meter radius and great damage.


Vacous Palm-(Learn it) Does decent damage. (Corn feel free to add :P)

Shadowless Kick-(Level it) It is a spell cancel skill, and it does damage, but the important part is the spell cancel, you can use the skill unarmed or with fists, and for exclusive fist users, level it, the damage is pretty good.

Cyclone Heel-(Level it) This is a nice radial AOE for Fist users, it increases your attack speed, for a time. Level it.

Drakes Breath Bash-(Level it) Linear AOE, Does really good damage plus it adds fire damage to all your attacks for 15 seconds.


From my point of view and what I have seen in game, nowdays most blademasters distribute their points so they can use all weapons. All weapons have skills that are useful and >.> we want them all. XD I am level 93 Sword BM (my mastery is Sword) I have all Sword skills. I also have all Axe and Pole skills. I use Sword primarily, and Axe during mass grinding, FFs and unwined FBs. (my Axe skills are 80% leveled, since I started doing FF). It costs a lot of money to level these skills so look at your priorities.

Reason I love swords. We hit hard and fast, as simple as that. I would never use only Axes, they are too slow. And Fists, too fast. But all is in your preference. Just be careful how you distribute points - I had a lot of trouble at lower levels because I messed it up so much. Make sure you put points in your dex to have high Evasion and Accuracy. A lot of Axe BMs put all their points in str so they become vulnerable in PvP with a sword BM, even tough they may have more HP and str.

I love that I can tank and be DD, and use various range of different skills, to debuff, or lessen attacks, and just do HF, that looks beautiful.

Just to sum it up, until lvl 85 or so distribute the points according to your mastery weapon of choice, and later on you will already know what build you want and distribute accordingly. In my opinion Vitality should not pass 80-90 points in your BM career. You can put Citrine shards in your equip, and TT90 gives you a lot of HP among other equipment. As sword BM, I have vit 108, Dex 190, str 264, mag 3 (with equipment on). I use TT90 single blade sword, and TT80 Dual Axes. Able to use lvl 83/TT80 fists. and at lvl 94 will be able to use TT90 fists and TT90 Axes.

Exceptions: There are BMs that focus to build their char pure DD Ninja or pure tank barb. One of the Marshals of Infinitum, has 250+ dex, 4000+ evasion, and is a pure Ninja who is unbeatable in PvP (I have experienced, it is a chore to get a hit on him). So, all is about how you build your character.


More Info on Demon/Sage skills:

Lyndura's BM Guide

Ultimate Perfect World Blademaster Build Guide

Feel free to ask any questions or pm me in game.
Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Blademaster Guide   Blademaster Guide EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 7:16 pm

Very nice guide. I did find a few things that should be pointed out.

Maxed Alter Marrow Magical is good for getting that extra 120% magic resistance against pure magic users/creatures.

Maxed Alter Marrow Physical is simply awesome for getting +120% physical resistance against pure melee mobs/bosses, especially when AoE grinding. Also, if you're like me and spell cancel against magic/melee mixed, go ahead and activate Alter Marrow Physical since by the time it starts cannelling its second spell, it'll pretty much be dead.

Tiger Leap is, as mentioned before, fun to use, especially when you feel like meditating in mid-air. :D Also, if you're in an instance and your Cloud Sprint is in cooldown, using Tiger Leap can help you get a little bit of extra distance. :P

Speaking of which, you seemed to have left out Cloud Sprint and Bodhisattva. :X

Cloud Sprint: A BM speedy skill! At level 10, it increases your movement speed by 90% for 15 seconds. This is a great skill to use when rounding up mobs for AoE grinding. It is also fun to use in instances to stay ahead of those pesky Venos who love their Summer Sprint. :P

Will of the Bodhisattva: The upgraded version of Cloud Sprint LV10. You unlock this at level 59 after becoming Transcendant (must have LV10 Cloud Sprint to get it). In exchange for 1 spark, your movement speed AND evasion increase by 100%. Twice as fast and twice as agile, your opponent will have a hard time hitting you, let alone catching you (unless they have long-range, of course).

Heaven's Flame isn't really a DoT, per sé, unless it's the Sage version which has a fire DoT of 2000 over 6 seconds. Heaven's Flame increases the damage received by other attacks for 6 seconds (9 for Demon).

Farstrike isn't an AoE; it just has a reach of 15 meters and helluvalotta damage when the Sage version is used after Sage Spark and criticaled. Just ask Lunarslash. :P

Glacial Spike is a full radial AoE.

Vacuous Palm: 1 Spark Fist skill that does decent damage and has a progressive Slow effect. Unlike Ocean's Edge, Vacuous Palm's Slow effect is 100% accurate if the attack lands. At LV10, the target's movement speed is reduced by 80% for 8 seconds, which is great for easily moving in front of a runner and striking them.

Shadowless Kick shouldn't be leveled until you have the Sage/Demon book. The spell cancel ability is always 100%. The only things that increase are damage and mana cost, and the damage isn't really worth the mana (this is just my opinion, as I try to conserve mana whenever possible).
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Character Stats
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PostSubject: Re: Blademaster Guide   Blademaster Guide EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 12:14 am

Thanks for the additions and corrections!
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PostSubject: Re: Blademaster Guide   Blademaster Guide EmptyWed Sep 22, 2010 3:10 am

I wanted to post my guide a while back, but my hard drive got wiped =(
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Blademaster Guide
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