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 Death Penalty in Perfect World

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PostSubject: Death Penalty in Perfect World   Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:44 am

Here is an explanation of XP loss in the game. Originally posted by Unreal in the PWI Official Forum:

At usual Death you loose:

LvL 10-19 5% Exp. without any Cultivation Level
LvL 19-29 4.5% Exp. with Culti LvL 19
LvL 29-39 4% Exp. with Culti LvL 29
LvL 39-49 3.5% Exp. with Culti LvL 39
LvL 49-59 3% Exp. with Culti LvL 49
LvL 59-69 2.5% Exp. with Culti LvL 59
LvL 69-79 2% Exp. with Culti LvL 69
LvL 79-89 1% Exp. with Culti LvL 79
LvL 89-99 0.6 % Exp. with Culti LvL 89
LvL 99-105 0.4 % Exp. with Culti LvL 99


Having a Guardian Angel in your inventory will completely negate the XP loss.

A Revive from a Cleric will reduce the XP loss by (ResLvl-1)*10%. So if a Cleric with Lvl 9 Revive casts on a dead player with Culti Lvl 69, the player will lose 2%*[1-(9-1)*10%] XP, or 0.4% of his current level.
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Death Penalty in Perfect World
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