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 Level 59: Transcendant

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PostSubject: Level 59: Transcendant   Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:00 am

Level 59 Cultivation

Five elements of disaster
Start NPC The Celestial One (469 568)
Mission #1 You must first kill 5 bosses in the Valley of Disaster(near KingĀ“s Feast).
Don't forget to bring 2 bottles of Chiennan Spring Wine to the Drunken to wipe out the 90% of mobs.
Without the wines it will be a hard run. Get the wine quest from Brewmaster Jaxon (528, 656).
After you killed the 5 bosses go back to the central and mine the Disaster Stage to get the Doomlick Stone.
Mission #2 Celestial of One (469 568)
Reward SP (260k), Transcendant Cultivation
Reward Choice #1 Grade 7-15 Physical Attack Charm (30)
Reward Choice #2 Grade 7-15 Magic Attack Charm (10)

Talk to the Elder again
Start NPC N/A
Mission Talk to the Archosaur Elder (570 648)
Reward Gold (2100), R (12)

Destroy Oggo - Quillhog King
Start NPC Archosaur Elder (570 648)
Mission #1 Kill Oggo - Quillhog King (65)
Monster Locale East of Tusk Town (495 318)
Mission #2 Visit Archosaur Elder (570 648)
Reward (Gold) 5900, Exp (9800), SP (2300), R (12), Earth Celestial stone (1)
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Level 59: Transcendant
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