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 Levels 71-79: Aware of Vacuity

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Levels 71-79: Aware of Vacuity Empty
PostSubject: Levels 71-79: Aware of Vacuity   Levels 71-79: Aware of Vacuity EmptyWed Apr 29, 2009 12:04 am

Part One (Level 71)

Lake of Weeping
Start NPC Sentry Captain (645,381)
Reward Exp(200),Rep(16)

Toxic Tear
Mission #1 Kill 50 Evovled Serpent Soulchaser
Monster Locale Forest of Haze (677 418)
Mission #2 Return to Sentry Captain (645,381)
Reward Exp(27400),Gold(16400),Skill(6300),Rep(16)

Mission #1 Kill 50 Enhanced Cougaret Depriver (624 416)
Mission #2 Return to Sentry Captain (645,381)
Reward Exp(28100),Gold(16900),Skill(6500),Rep(16)

Tiger Hunt
Mission #1 Kill 25 Diabolic Tigaero (633 427)
Monster Locale Around Dreamweaver Port Outskirt
Mission #2 Return to Sentry Captain (645,381)
Reward Exp(14100),Gold(8400),Skill(3200),Rep (16)

Part Two

Meet the D.S.Port General
Start NPC General Tuyan (661,375)
Reward Exp(300),Rep(16)

Tomb raider
Start NPC Talk to Grave Robber (678,458)
Reward Exp(4250),Gold(2600),Skill(1000),Rep(16)

Guest of the Island
Mission #1 Kill 30 Cloudrider Falcon
Monster Locale (640,426)
Mission #2 Return to Grave Robber (678,458)
Reward Exp(8500),Gold(5100),Skill(2000),Rep(16)

Know oneself as well as an enemy
Start NPC General Ogden (661,375)
Reward Exp(4250),Gold(2600),Skill(1000),Rep(16)

Ship Captain Smythe
Mission #1 Kill Ship Captain Smythe
Monster Locale Nightscream Island (675 361)
Note Head north the other island once inside Nightscream (401 577)
Mission #2 Return to General Tuyan (661,375)
Reward Exp(11700),Gold(7000),Skill(2700),Rep(16)

Part Three (Level 79)

Nirvana is near
Mission #1 Talk to Celestial Elder (449 451)
Reward Exp(400), Rep(16)

Aware of Vacuity
Start NPC Talk to Celestial Adept (449 451)
Mission #1 Talk to Dreamweaver Port Elder (662 375)
Mission #2 Kill Ru Ci the Confucian Templar
Monster Locale Sea of Reality (651,343)
Mission #3 Talk to Celestial Adept (449,451)
Mission #4 Kill Brigade Transendent
Monster Locale Hallucinatory Trench ( FB 79 )
Mission #5 Dig the stele for remedy of sea spirit
Location Hallucinatory Trench (FB 79)
Mission #6 Celestial Adept (449,451)
Reward Skill(590000), Rep(80)
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Levels 71-79: Aware of Vacuity
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