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 Wraith's Ploy

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PostSubject: Wraith's Ploy   Wraith's Ploy EmptyWed Apr 29, 2009 12:11 am

Wraiths' Ploy Require level 70
Start NPC General Summer (521 629)
Mission #1 Go to Sparrowmark Beach (385 675)
Mission #2 Kill Deepblue Scavenger (363 840) for Wraith Intel Report
Mission #3 Kill Raged Wraith Chief (397 750) for the other Wraith Intel Report
Talk to Lieutenant Li (521 629)
Talk to Old Soldier of the Wings (556 669)
Talk to Guard Chao (553 688)
Talk to Blacksmith Tao Jue (531 658)
Talk to Guard Chao (553 688)
Talk to Boatman (580 657)
Mission #4 Kill Yan the Traitor (569 557) for Wraith's Demolition Plan
Talk to Lieutenant Chen (521 629)
Talk to Sage Lu (567 673)
Reward Exp (69866) Spirit (15888) Gold (41811)
Mission #5 Kill Silver Frost for Broken Crystal
Note Silver Frost is located inside Heroes Tomb, near Shade Dismal
Tactic Lure Silver Frost near the corner as much as possible, this way you won't be disturb by monster nearby...and enemy player that want to crash it when it on low HP ^_^.
Talk to Sage Lu (567 673)
Talk to Sage the Light (567 633)
Reward Exp (56781) Spirit (12946) Gold (34068)
Mission #6 Kill Cyannair Specter (634 549) for Cyannair Essence (50)
Tactic Cynnair have high HP(~45,000), does fire damage when range, good to have Arcane/Light user tanking. Gonna need a priest to help else this one gonna be costly.
Talk to Talk to Sage the Light (567 633)
Talk to Talk to Sage Lu (567 673)
Mission #7 Kill Linus the Woeful for Oceanic Stone
Note Linus the Woeful is last boss in Hallucinatory Trench (Call to Duty 77)
Tactic Lure boss with Venomancer trick, else you will be fighting 3 monster and 2 boss(including Linus).
Mission #8 Kill Vipenalt: Chronol for Spirit of the Ancient Boa
Note Chronol(1-1) is the level setting, 60-65. You will need to do this in High Boss mode, a Ultimate Substance will be require to activate High Boss mode. Also must be done in Squad mode as it doesn't exist in solo >:3
Kill Lord of Percussion: Dimensic for Thunderous Command
Note Dimensic(1-2) is the level setting, 68-73. This boss is available in both High and Medium mode, Ultimate Substance will not be require for Medium. Exist in both Squad and Solo mode, but MUST be done in Squad mode.
Tactic At ~50% HP Percussion will start using a physical attack AoE, it best that the priest equip physical defense jewelery. One priest will need to use Regeneration Aura(when it AoE) and the other continue to Ironheart tanker. His AoE gradually get stronger as his HP is lower.
Talk to Sage Lu (567 673)
Talk to Sage the Light (567 633)
Reward Exp (145690) Spirit (33217) Gold (87400)
Mission #9 Kill
Wicked Bloodeye(546 468) for Chrono Crystal Chip
Unholy Darkclaw (562 473) for Chrono Crystal Fragment
Damned Poisontongue (581 483) for Chrono Crystal Shard
Talk to Sage the Light (567 633)
Mission #10 Kill Damned Gaurnob
Kill Cenequus Polearm
Note Both boss are in Wraithgate (Call to Duty 70)
Talk to Sage the Light (567 633)
Talk to Messenger of Time (553 655)
Reward Chrono Key

Once you complete Wraiths' Ploy, you will be able to enter Lost Heaven Tears using the Chrono Key by talking to Messenger of Time (552 654) in Archosaur. All NPC and coordinate are located in Lost Heaven Tears unless stated otherwise.

Polluted Lake
Start NPC Vendor Tang
Mission #1 Kill
Fierce Hyenclaws for Stone of Vacuity
Cerberusskin for Golden Xenoscale
Farland Slithers for Tentacle of Stream (380 511)
Farland Crustans for Ironcrab Shell (334 527)
Reward Coin (7500) EXP (12600) Spirit (2873)
Mirage Celestone (4)

Polluted Lake
Start NPC Apothecary Te
Mission #1 Kill
8 Farland Clam
7 Farland Kraufises
6 Farland Mermaids (334 527)
5 Farland Tortoise (334 527)
Reward Coin (8892) EXP (14820) Spirit (3379)

Eye of the Ghost
Start NPC Crying Ghost (348 533)
Mission #1 Burrow Flea for Ghost's Left Eye (347 510)
Translement Mage for Ghost's Right Eye
Talk to Hai the Wiseman (369 518)
Talk to Duke Blacke
Mission #2 Kill Bloodstare (371 532)
Talk to Hai the Wiseman (369 518)
Reward Coin (22800) EXP (38000) Spirit (8664)

Start NPC Sage the Light (567 633) in Archosaur
Talk to Sage of Prophecy (369 519)
Mission #1 Kill 10 Dirtpool Crawlers (356 498)
Talk to Sage the Light (567 633) in Archosaur
Talk to Sage Lu (567 673) in Archosaur
Mission #2 Kill Soulthrist Houdrexes (356 498) for Xenosoul Fragment (6)
Talk to Land Elder (365 515)
Reward Coin (13674) EXP (22790) Spirit (5196)
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Wraith's Ploy
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