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 Supply Box Stuff!

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PostSubject: Supply Box Stuff!   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:33 pm

Note - ALL boxes are available to ALL chars once they get to the required level
eg. a lv 32 char can open box for lv5,10,15,20,25,30 and when it gets to lv 35 box lv35 :D
No need to start a new char to open box for lv5

level 5 - choice of a 1 star weapon

10 - pill - right click for 5k exp and 1k sp

15 - ring +28 phy att and +28 mag att +30HP

20 - choice of 2 star weapon

25 - Choice of 1 lv5 average shard HP/phys att/mag att

30 - 100 perfect HP + MP potions + choice of 1 lv5 average shard

35 - 2 Oracle II books (kill wicked pirate for exp/sp/coins)

40 - choice upgraded flying mount (lasts 7 days once you activate it)
+ 500 perfect stones (used for replenishing haste option on flying mounts)

45 - 90k emerald MP spirit charm

50 - (NOTE need cash shop perfect iron hammer to open)
choice of 3 star weapon (called General Summers ....all have +29 extra att + att lvl +1)
A - Dual Hammers 450-675 phy att (need 154 str 27 dex) has chance to recover 5% hp per hit
B - Longbow 430-797 phy att (need str 29 dex 152) has chance to decrease targets phy def per hit
C - Magic Sword 431-527 Mag Att (need str 29 mag 150) has Channelling -3%

55 - 60k emerald HP guardian charm

60 - 5 do-all cards for cube of fate

65 - Choice of 1 lv7 Flawless gem HP/Phy att/Mag att

70 - 20 Mysterious Chips (used to buy special molds in Thousand Stream City)

75 - both a 60kHP charm and a 90k MP charm and 20 Mysterious chips

80 - NOTE this box requires a cash shop item Perfect Iron Hammer to open
30 Mirage celestones + Christmas Blessing

Lvl 80 appears to be the last supply box and so ends this quest

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Supply Box Stuff!
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