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 Genies FAQ

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PostSubject: Genies FAQ   Sat May 02, 2009 3:16 pm

100% plagiarized from some person on the official site:

If we are having the same version as in CN but translated one; I make it in FAQ format.

How and where can I get genies?

Visit the new NPC in major city for quest. You will get a genie (random) after completion of the quest.

Do I have to feed my genie?


How can I get additional genie and how many can I get?

Visit the new NPC and pay 3 mirages. You can get as many as your inventory slot (charactor and bank)allow.

Will I lose my genie upon death?


How can I equip my genie?

Drag your genie to the slot beside the ring slot on you character.

How can I view genie option windows?

Left click on you genie icon on top left corner below your avatar icon.

Where can I get genie quest and what is the quest reward?

Visit the new NPC in major city for genie quest starting from L1 to L80. Quest reward;

L1 – collect your genie.
L19 (completed L1 quest) – L19 EXP stone
L49 (completed L1 quest) – L49 EXP stone
L70 (completed L1 quest) – One stats respect scroll
L79 (completed L49 quest) – L79 EXP stone
L80 (completed L1 quest) – One element stats respect scroll

What are STR, DEX, WIL and INT stats on my genie mean?

STR: Determine damage out put of skills
DEX: Determine effect of skills -duration
WIL: MP pool
INT: MP Recovery and the skills learnable (each 50 MAG = +1 MP recovery).

Stats on Genies


Red 15 5 3 5
White 3 5 15 5
Orange 5 3 5 15
Green 5 15 5 3

What are the elemental stats mean?

Elemental stats are the prerequisite to learn genies skills. Each skill will require different amount of elemental point to learn.

What kind of stats allocated to my genie when it level up?

-Genies begin with L1 and random stats of 1-10
-Genies begin with VIT 100, MP recovery 1 point/sec
-Gain 1 stat point every level. Player can allocate this point freely. Maximum free point allocation for single stats is 40. Any above need 2 stats point to gain 1 point (mean you need 2 levels for 2 point to invest 1 point to make it to 41).
-Genies gain titles every 10 level. Each title gain between 1-10 stats points (Random).
-Total of random stats gained determines the display model of the genies. Higher random stats will gain a better look and combat ability for genies.

This stats can be reset with respect scroll (genie)

Elemental stats:

-Genies begin with 1 elemental point.
-Gain 1 elemental point each 5 level.
-Gain 1 elemental point every level above 100
-Maximum allocation point for each elemental stat is 8
-Total elemental point gain is 26

Elemental stats can be reset to 0 with respect scroll (genie).

What do random stats mean to my genie?

Genies gain titles every 10 level. Each title gain between 1-10 random stats points. This random helps determine the final stat and out look of your genie. For example; genie that gained random stat of 10 point every 10 level mean it will have 200 point to allocate to it stats at L100 as compare to genie that has only 110 stats.

The higher the random stats determine not only the look of your genie but the combat ability as well as rareness. It can be classified as follow:

Color code: Orange

This color indicates this genie gained 10 random stats per every 10 level. It is the queen of all genies (very rare)

Color code: Gold

This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 61 – 99 points.

Color code: Purple

This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 51- 60 points.

Color code: Blue

This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 41- 50 points.

Color code: Green

This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 10 – 40 points.

Where can I see genie skill listing?

Visit the new NPC to see the skill tree.

How can I learn genie skill?

Once you have the prerequisite elemental point, MAG point, character SP and coins, visit the new NPC. Some genie skill require skill book.

How many skill genies come with?

By default, it has 3 skills. You can learn additional skill at each 40 MAG point. For example, when your genis MAG reaches 40, you can learn one skill. MAG at 80 can learn second skill etc.

How can I unlearn the genie skill?

You can unlearn any genie skill from new NPC and is free of charge. Each time you unlearn the skill, it reduce skill level by 1.

How I can execute genie skill?

You can drag the genie skill to hot bar. Genie skill is independent of character skill and can be execute at the same time.

Why I can not execute the genie skill on my genie.

-This can due required elemental point not met from respecting your genie elemental point.
-Skill cools down timer.

How can I equip my genie?

Genie has 4 equipment slots. You can purchase these equipments from new NPC, equip you genie and open equipment option to equip.

If I do not like the genie I have, what can I do?

You can talk to new NPC and select appropriate option to dismiss your genie. You gain EXP stone in proportion to genie level. To dismiss genie that is L40 and above, you genie must be in tradable mode to do so.

How can I level my genie?

There are 3 types of leveling methods;

-Using EXP stone.
-Using Character EXP
-Using Character SP, 1SP = 5 EXP points.

To level your genie, please see new NPC and select appropriate option.

How much EXP is needed to level my genie

40% of charactor EXP. For example; your charactor needed 1 mil EXP for next level, your genie will need 400K.

What is the maximum level of genie?

Genie is currently cap at L105 (same for player)

Why my genies receive less EXP when I try to import?

-Player can only level up genies that are same level or lower level than the player level.
-No EXP penalty for transfer of genies to the same level player but to player that is higher levels than genies itself (penalty amount not known).
-When use genies EXP pill, the penalty is calculated base on pill and genies level. EXP stone will disappeared once it EXP is used (example- pill has 10K EXP but you use 5K this time, the next time you use another 5K. It EXP is consumed and will disappear).
-There is no EXP penalty when genies reach L100 or higher.

What my genie sometime disappear?

Genies and 89 fairies alternate appear beside your character.

Can genie be trade?

You can toggle trade or remain non tradable from genies option windows but each setting takes 168 hour to be effective.


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Posts : 438
Join date : 2009-04-13
Age : 97

Character Stats
Class: Venomancer
Level: 102

PostSubject: Re: Genies FAQ   Thu May 14, 2009 3:39 am

Chi stone to Stamina conversion chart.

Yiyuan = 10
Liangyi = 80
Santsai = 160
Ssuhsiang = 240
Wuhsing = 320
Liuho = 400
Chihsing = 480
Pakua = ?
Chiukung = ?
Perfect = 720

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Genies FAQ
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